Designing an Experience for Employee Recognition

QUESTION: What does a truly effective employee retention and recognition intranet really look like? What can a company do to retain top-talent employees in the millennial generation, and help them love their job? 

Design an intranet that employees and managers can access to award points to employees or coworkers, redeem points at an online store, and write/receive notes of appreciation and feedback.

Employees can search for others in an easy to use database, with filters and sort options for department, job title, and name. 

Employees are allotted a certain number of "points" each month to award to their coworkers to recognize them for efforts and contributions to the team. Managers receive additional points to award to their team members (depending on how many people report to each manager.) 

Gamify good work! Employees earn badges for a variety of achievements. Example: Badges and awards for receiving the most points from fellow team members. Badges for total points earned. Etc. Employee dashboard and profile page will display badges earned, and ones not yet earned.

Intranet includes a store where employees can redeem points for gift cards, experiences, prizes, or even charitable causes.

Simple clean look and feel, bright pops of color and company branding.

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